Why Birding in the Strait of Gibraltar so amazing

At only 14 km wide, the Straits of Gibraltar are the narrowest point between Europe and Africa, and twice a year over 250,000 migrating raptors choose this point to cross between continents. This breath-taking migratory spectacle is beyond compare. Add to this the almost continuous east-west movement of seabirds, cetaceans and a sparkling array of resident passerines, raptors and wetland birds, and you have an ideal birding destination filled with year-round avaian attractions.

Birding two continents

Legend has it that Hercules used his incredible strength to separate the continents of Europe and Africa, creating the Straits of Gibraltar. The Inglorious Bustards are all set to use our outstanding local knowledge and expertise to bring them back together for you! This is our feature specialist tour, and our experience of the area and local contacts mean we can take you where other guides fear to tread… read more

Strait Birding & Cetaceans

The Straits of Gibraltar are just 14 km wide and provide migrant birds with an ideal crossing point of the Mediterranean. Soaring birds are able to make use of the thermals which form over the Rock of Gibraltar and the Moroccan peak of Jebel Musa to gain height to help them on a treacherous part of their journey… read more

The unknown vulture spectacle! Ronda and the Straits

This trip offers the chance to experience not one but two exceptional wildlife areas, combining the lush mountain scenery of the Ronda area with the unparalleled migration spectacle of thousands of Vultures migrating the Straits… read more